Survivors of a biological pandemic find refuge with Horizon Corporation, a company spearheading the global rebuild.



The Horizon Project is a short film that was shot over six days in July, 2012.  The dystopian sci-fi follows a group of survivors as they travel through the post-apocalyptic wasteland on a bus towards sanctuary. 


Director Scott Belyea and cinematographer Scooter Corkle attend a film festival in northern Alberta, Canada every year in the spring.  It's known as the Reel Shorts Festival in Grande Prairie.  As friends of the festival, they've watched it grow into a fantastic annual event.  

Not only do they showcase our work in the festival, they're tasked with demonstrating the art of filmmaking to groups of high school kids over a two-day workshop called the Youth Filmmaking Challenge.  They go through all the stages of production: writing, casting, shooting and editing - and the kids walk away with a short movie to call their own.  Some of the films shot over the two day workshops can be seen here if you're up for a light-hearted chuckle.  

However, they've always wanted to expand the project into something greater.  It has been said our ambition knows no limits...  Scott and festival programmer Terry Scerbak dreamt up what would be known as Shoot For Reel.  A two-week hands-on intensive training and production exercise where a dozen interns would learn the craft from industry professionals by being on a real film set. 

So they brought the film set. 

Six film professionals from Vancouver, would travel to northern Alberta with all the experience and production equipment it would take to turn a group of novices into filmmaking veterans.  They would learn by being thrown to the wolves...  By working as crew on the hugely ambitious post-apocalyptic fever dream that would become The Horizon Project.  

With a combined cast and crew of over sixty people, thousands of dollars in community donations and a whole bunch of can-do attitudes, the film is on it's way to completion.

The film will be one of only a handful of films in the world produced by a festival.


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Scott Belyea Director - Scott has been working in film for nearly a decade on various films at all budgets levels.  He's employed as a commercial director but prefers getting his hands dirty in the world of indie film.   He thinks he's pretty cool despite mounting evidence to the contrary. 

David A. Rice | Producer - Dave has been working in Vancouver film for longer than he'd care to admit, specializing in post-production.  He's an entertainment industry true-blood who has the unique title of being the only person in the world who moved away from California to make movies.

Scooter Corkle | Cinematographer - Scooter has been working in film for almost a decade, studying the craft hands-on from within almost every department a set has to offer. He's also enjoys holding hands and soft kisses in the moonlight.  Ask him about it, you'll be glad you did. 

Zack Mosley | Writer - Zack has been writing motion picture screenplays since the pencil was invented.  A film lover and an accomplished wordsmith, he's been the recipient of Telefilm Development Financing and moonlights as a beloved critic for Quiet Earth (



We successfully ran a kickstarter campaign raising nearly $12,000 dollars to help complete the post-production work on the film.  Thanks to everyone who supported us!